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Incredible Atmosphere

Look up, friend, and notice the clouds. When you become tired of endless mouse-clicking over dreary landscapes, come to the world of Knight Online and lose yourself in the beautiful sky.

True Role Play

Knight Online is the first game to successfully introduce the “Party System”. Raising your character’s level, acquiring new items, and becoming the strongest player should not be all that an online game has to offer.

Large-scale wars

Join the battle and defend your nation against enemies! A prominent and exciting feature of Knight Online is the involving, persistent, large-scale war between players.

About The Game

n the beginning there was a chaos. Timeless energies swirled in a great mass of color and light in the soundlessness of space. Over the millennia the energies gained substance and began to weave itself into the fabric of what would one day spell life. Out of this fabric a thread, an insignificant piece of power disentangled itself from the mass. While the essence of this thread was one and the same as the energies which at the very moment were evolving, it changed along a separate path. It alone gained consciousness. Time passes... The consciousness comes awake.


Online Users

El Morad



Choose your side between two nations, El Morad, the nation of the Human race, or Karus, the nation of Orc tribes.
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